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You can tell that Cathy Heavens holes are burning for Ian Scott and his big cock, but the sex..

Cathy Heaven :: Ian Scott
You can tell that Cathy Heavens holes are burning for Ian Scott and his big cock, but the sex loving mom wants to play with her dildo first, drilling her cunt while fingering her ass!
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The last time we saw her, 51-year-old Zena Rey revealed that she had a wild side. Here, she proves it once again by sucking her man's balls and taking his cock deep in her ass. Zena Rey also told us, "Normally I'll wait for the man to make the first move, but I'm not afraid to go after what I want." And that's what she does here, going right after her 21-year-old fuck partner and draining his balls dry. Zena is a web-cam model from California. She's married. She's short 'n' stacked. She's a swinger and a nudist but not a mom. She describes herself as a cougar. "I think of myself as sexy but classy. A little glamorous," she said. We're not seeing that glamorous side here, not that we're complaining. "It was so hot seeing myself having sex on," she said. "I invited some friends over to watch." And? "And a pretty wild party broke out!" Whether that wild party involved anal sex, we didn't ask. But, judging from this scene, we're sure it included a lot of ball-sucking.

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 Zena Rey

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"I'm back, and I'm taking black up the ass," Rita Daniels says at the start of the scene. She also re-writes some classic song lyrics. We like Rita's version better than the original, even though singing is not what we came here to see her do. Rita gets down on her knees and wraps her red-lipsticked lips around his dick, then goes deeper for a slurp, sloppy-sucking and plenty of attention to his balls. Hey, this is the cock that's gonna fuck her ass, and Rita wants to make sure it's ready. Rita sucking Lucas's balls is one of the sluttiest things we've ever seen, then she returns to his cock and goes deeper and deeper, making sure we know she knows the camera is there, trying to gag on his fucking cock. Of course, Lucas has fucked Rita's pussy before, but this time, he fucks her pussy harder, using his dick as a battering ram on her 60something cunt. When ass-fucking time comes, Rita spreads her asshole wide, and Rita does her breathing exercises as Lucas slides in. Can she take it? Of course she can. And does Lucas take mercy on Rita's asshole? No way! He fucks it hard, then positions himself over her for a doggie-style ass-fucking. "Give me some more," Lucas says as he withdraws from Rita's gaping asshole and she spreads her ass wide, her cunt gaping, too. "Oh, I'm such a slut for you," Rita says. Rita, you're a slut for everyone.

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It happens all the time. A middle-aged white woman sexually inflamed by raging hormones is neglected by her husband. Desperate for pussy stuffing, she seeks satisfaction with black cocks. Such is today's case with Jennifer Janes, a wife and business owner from Burlington, Wisconsin. She bids her husband good day and promises him a fine dinner when he gets home. As soon as he leaves, a tall, black man emerges from behind Jennifer. Jennifer is in love with his dick. She becomes his cunt-slave, begging for harder and harder thrusts in all positions. The woman is insatiable, but our man is up to the job. He likes to make old white women his fuck-dolls. Jennifer's life now has new meaning. Her stud squirts his load in her mouth, and she drinks the sap of his balls, savoring every drop. She makes him promise to fuck her again as soon as possible. How will she be able to make dinner for her husband after being slammed by the brotha? Life goes on.

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"I like to dress conservatively with a touch of elegant sensuality. But when the clothes come off my inner slut comes out." So says 71-year-old divorcee Katherine Merlot, who can be seen here sucking and fucking and getting her pussy filled with cum by a guy who's only 28. "I've had sex with men in their 20s and 30s even before I came to your studio," Katherine said. "I've also slept with men in their 40s to 60s. I like them all, but the younger guys are the most intrigued by me. After a night with me they always leave pleasantly surprised." In this case, it's what her stud left behind...his cum. "I don't quite understand why what you call a creampie is so forbidden," she said. "Don't most men cum in the woman's vagina when they have sex?" Yes, but not when they have sex on-camera. There's something very personal about it, and when Katherine opens up her pussy so we can see her just-creamed cunt, we can tell she knows she's being naughty. "I was a video virgin before I came here," said Katherine, who has now had sex on-camera six times for our viewing pleasure. "Now I feel as if I've done it all!"

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She is all about to have some nice scene with her young boy and teach him how to fuck, mature Darla will be gentle but then she can become a real wild cat, sucking deeper!

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Gracie Glam is a teen cutie with lovely ass. She finds herself in bed with hot mature couple. She gets her hot ass spanked by hot guy in front of curious mature blonde Nina Hartley.

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It's not surprising that Lexi McCain is friends with Rita Daniels. Rita, one of our most popular ladies, is a fuck slut who loves cock. Lexi is a fuck slut who loves cock. Rita takes everything her men can give her. Lexi takes everything her men can give her. One of these days, we're going to have to get Lexi and Rita together for a threesome. Or maybe a gang bang. One man isn't enough for Lexi and Rita. Today, however, is about Lexi. "We're going to have a great time today," Lexi says. "I'm going to suck. I'm going to lick and fuck." And she's going to take a load of cum deep inside her pussy. Now, back to that "fuck-slut" aspect of Lexi. The dude has a big cock, but Lexi gets it deep into her mouth, then savors it with her tongue, talking dirty, then going down for another deep suck. When the guy fucks her face, he doesn't have to hold back because Lexi's throat is deep and can take a lot. But the best part is the cream pie. Lexi's on all fours with Juan slamming her pussy from behind, then he cums deep inside of her, and her very pink pussy opens up, and cum comes dripping out. Check out how pink her pussy is. Check out how her pussy lips flap. "Hey, I told you I'm a slut, didn't I?" Lexi said. And the woman doesn't lie.

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