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ASS-ignment: Blake James

Fucking Blake James' tight butthole is the dream goal of many since she debuted on 40something just recently. Now the great event is here. This divorced mom of two and a hairstylist has the makings of the MILF of the Year, if there was such an award. You've seen her get her sex on and take the rod deep in piledriver in her first scene. You've seen her interviewed with a cock in her mouth--one for the book of world sex records, and now you're going to see Miss James open her ass-pipe for an anal sex session in "Ass-ignment: Blake James." "I'm going to let my friend Shaggy touch me in places that not many have gone before. I'm already getting hot just thinking about it." Blake James is a wild one and we are proud she gave her ass. There's very little, if anything, that anyone could teach her about sex, men and fucking that she doesn't already know. She has the slim, sexy body of a woman half her age. She has wild sex fantasies and claims she doesn't have sex nearly enough times a week to suit her. Blake James is walking sex. She is a role model for other women to copy.

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 Blake James

The 40Something Interview: Blake James Sucks!

In Part 2 of our introduction to 40-year-old divorcee Blake James (Part 1 was her photo set posted on Monday), we get to know Blake a little better with an in-depth interview. In this interview, Blake proves that she can suck cock and carry on a conversation at the same time. Some highlights: "Have any kids?" "Two," Blake says. Suck. Suck. "Grown? Lick. Suck. "Yes." Lick. "Twenty-one and fifteen." Lick. Suck. "Most people who know you would not be surprise to see you here, would they?" Lick. "No." Suck. Lick. And so on. Enough of this. Get to the interview. Fast. It's jackable.

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 Blake James

The Real Deal

The interviewer leaves, and Blake, who had been licking and sucking cock, anyway, for most of the video interview that was posted here a few days ago, has the cock to herself, uninterrupted, totally focused on pleasuring the slab of dick that's in her mouth. Hard to believe that Blake, a 40-year-old divorcee from Arizona, is not a porn star, not a hooker, not an exotic dancer. But she's a hair stylist, which means she knows how to act around men. And she's horny. Very horny. When Blake sucks a cock, her mouth is wet, so she gets the entire shaft wet. Her big, fake tits jut into the camera. She licks the shaft, then takes a detour at the balls, and you get the impression that Blake isn't sucking this cock and sucking those balls just because she wants to get her pussy eaten in return. No. She's sucking this cock because she loves sucking cock. Watch and you'll agree that she's one of the best dick eaters ever. Then she lies back and gets her pink, meaty pussy eaten, enjoying every lap of Sergio's tongue and suck of his mouth. Her cunt is super-wet, and she seems to forget the camera is there. Then it's time for the fucking, and as the cock pummels her pussy, Blake's big tits jiggle and she moans with pleasure. Sweat glistens off her body. This is real, serious fucking by a MILF who's into this for the sex. For the finale, she gets her legs behind her head (something we saw her do in the interview), and she looks down between her cleavage so she can watch herself get pounded. "I want that big load all over my tits," Blake says, and she gets what she asks for.

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 Blake James

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