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I Want To Sit On Your Face!

You said that ass was off limits, right? "Yes, I did, and it is still off limits. But that doesn't mean that I don't want it played with a little! [Laughs.] I have a newfound appreciation for ass play. I never knew that so many guys were into pleasing booty, but I am glad that I found out because I love sitting on a man's face and taking a ride on his wet tongue!" You like it when they toss that salad? "Yes! But only if I can plant my ass cheeks on his face. It's fucking hot and empowering to tell a man to eat your ass out and then smother his face with your booty. It's nasty and horny. I'll ride a man's face and play with my clit until I cum. And when I cum, I grind my ass on his tongue and I scream, 'Taste all that brown sugar, baby!'"

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 Candace Von

Busty Blind Date

Ever been on a blind date before? Wait, let's rephrase that. Ever been on a set-up type of date where you wish you were blind? Come on, you know what we're talking about. You get fixed-up with a chick, either by your cruel friends or some dating service or website and you go to pick your potential love match up and she looks more like Chewbacca than a chesty dream-cum-true? Well, here's a story that may give you some hope. When Eric shows up at Candace's house he expects a real monster, but what he gets is a horny looker with huge mocha mams. Before he can thank his lucky stars that he doesn't have to sit across from some nasty skank at dinner, Candace lets him know her plans for their first date. She cuts right to the chase and lets him know that they can fuck now and leave the preliminaries like dinner and convo for later. Then she takes him inside and mouth fucks him and then hops on his package, spewing enough dirty talk to coax the cum out of any dick within seconds. Eric's cock doesn't stand a chance. He blows his load all over her and that's cool with Candace because that is what she wanted in the first place. We don't know about you, but that sounds like a match made in heaven to us.

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 Candace Von

Beautiful teen babes Flower Tucci, Olivia O Lovely and sexy Candace Von are being pleased

Beautiful teen babes Flower Tucci, Olivia O Lovely and sexy Candace Von are being pleased by one lucky guy Nat Turner that is shoving his cock inside this babes pussies.

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 Candace Von | Flower Tucci | Olivia O Lovely | Nat Turner

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Horny cheerleader gets fucked

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 Candace Von

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Ebony babe gets cum in her face

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 Candace Von

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Hard fucking with Candace in a fishnet top

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 Candace Von | James Deen

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Candace and Gianna swinging

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 Candace Von | Gianna Michaels

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Naughty Candace makes a guy cum twice

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 Candace Von

Waxin' Dat Ass

Candace Von is built for banging! And we mean that in the nastiest, most-face-down-ass-up way possible. This lady is what you call a fuckin' freak! She lets us know that she is going to get her big ole' caboose coated in candle wax and then she is going to fuck like it's going out of style. And you know what? That is exactly what happens. She bends over and her asshole gets licked and spit in while she loves every single moment of it. And she is a giver, wrapping her lips around this guy's rod and sucking it down like she hasn't eaten in weeks. She blows him like only a true lover of blowjobs can. And then she rides him hard, too, because she loves that dick. And the sign of a real freak? When she hops off this dick for the sole purpose of putting it in her mouth to taste her own cunt! Candace Von deserves an award for her horny humping skills. She's a champ!

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 Candace Von

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Ebony babe is orgasmic by the fireplace

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 Candace Von

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Black and pink

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 Candace Von

Big Tit P.O.V. Black Label

Sexy Candace Von lives to drive breast-men insane. And that's fine. We love it. In this chapter from the SCORE DVD Big Tit P.O.V. Black Label, busty Candace is busy cleaning up your mess like a good girl. Dressed as she is, she's not going to have much time left before you start pawing at her and feeling her up. You can't keep your hands off that hot bod and Candace doesn't blame you. Like we said, she's a good girl and she'll be rubbing her beautiful, heavy jugs on your swollen prick very soon. She'll be fuckin', suckin', coaxing your load and doing all those other things a man needs a sexbomb to do. This video is shot in point-of-view, all the better to facillate a U-R-there jackin' experience! No stinking man-faces to make you sick!

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 Candace Von

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Ebony big titted babe muff rubbing

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 Candace Von

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Candace shakes her butt in the kitchen

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 Candace Von

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Busty ebony beauty likes white dick

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 Candace Von

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Candice and Nyomi licking their bodys

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 Candace Von | Nyomi Banxxx

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Nyomi and Candace play with their toys

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 Candace Von | Nyomi Banxxx

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Pussy and big tits are hard to handle

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 Candace Von

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