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Charlie Gets Interviewed And Has Sex At The Same Time!

This starts out as an interview, an informal way to introduce 57-year-old Charlie, a nurse and wife from Denver, Colorado, but it soon turns into a mini-scene. That happens somewhere around the time that Charlie shows off her bubble butt and interviewer Dave declares that she has the greatest ass in the history of Then Dave asks her if she's ever been interviewed while having sex, and when Charlie says she hasn't, it's game on! "I'm the girl next door, but there's something a little secretive there, too," Charlie says. "I'm a nurse who has a naughty side. I'm a naughty nurse." As she speaks and answers questions, Charlie has her bra taken off and her tits fondled and sucked. Not by Dave. She tries to answer questions, but...hey, buddy, try answering questions while having your cock sucked and see how well you do. The stunt cock's hand goes down her panties, then he pulls them aside to reveal her shaved pussy. She sucks her sweet pussy juicy off his finger, and although she keeps answering questions, we know what she wants: cock. She'll get that, but not before she tells him how to eat her pussy. This is an interview? Well, no, it's not. But ya gotta tell a lady something, right?

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Charlie Baltimore - Cold as Ice

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Hands-On Problem Solving

This guy in this video didn't need a sex therapist to figure out what's wrong with his pecker. The problem is that he's been trying to fuck 18-year-old girls, and as any MILF lover knows, no teenage girl is gonna be very good at turning limp cock into wood. But, as Charlie points out, the guy doesn't seem to be having a problem when she's the one stroking his cock through his pants. "I've never seen a sex therapist this hot before," the lucky patient says to 57-year-old Charlie. "Maybe we'll work on this a little bit and come up with some answers," Charlie says as she keeps rubbing away at his problem. "I think we might be getting to the root of your problem. Maybe it's not 18-year-olds that you like." No. Maybe it's big-titted mature blondes who show cleavage, wear stockings and garter belts and know how to suck and fuck. Teenagers, be gone!

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Marvelous teen schoolgirl Charlie got her sweet pink underwear on and is showing

Marvelous teen schoolgirl Charlie got her sweet pink underwear on and is showing her small boobies and her tight pussy on camera, while taking it off.

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A lovely young brunette lies back

A lovely young brunette lies back and has her flawless pussy ate out by a balding, chubby little man. But he does a good job, so she returns the favor with a little fellatio.

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 Charlie | Kris

Nurse Charlie's Bedside Manner

This scene picks up where Tuesday's video interview left off, with 57-year-old wife/nurse Charlie from Denver, Colorado eating cock. Charlie didn't leave much to the imagination in that interview, showing off her naked bubble butt, getting her shaved pussy eaten, sucking balls and then briefly moving onto the cock before we were interrupted. But now, here we go! That same cock is in Charlie's mouth, and she seems to be enjoying every inch of it. Notice Charlie's dick-sucking technique. She's not just sucking it. She's loving it. She's making love to the shaft, the head. It's the kind of thing that some 20something chick wouldn't know how to do, but Charlie knows. There's great cock sucking from all angles, and Charlie makes sure she gives tender-loving-care to the nut-sac, too. Those balls are in good hands with Charlie, first because she's a nurse, second because she won't bite them or pull on them too hard. Of course, after sucking dick so well, Charlie deserves a good pussy fucking, and she gets one. As this scene goes on, you'll start to wonder, "Does she know there's a camera rolling?" That's how intimate this scene is. And we don't mean intimate in a romantic, lovey-dovey, girlie kind of way. We mean it in a "take out your cock and jack it hard" kind of way. Nurse's orders.

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