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Farrah Rose eats her creampie

Farrah and her guy are already going at it when this scene starts. This 46-year-old divorcee is talking in that babydoll voice of hers and making him--and us--harder by the second. "Baby, does that feel good touching your cock?" she asks him. Then she spreads her legs so he can rub her pussy, which is already out. Before she knows it, Farrah is sucking his cock and taking it deep in her pussy...and she takes his cum deep in her pussy, too! We get nice views of Farrah's creampie, and she sticks her fingers deep in her pink little cunt so she can get every drop. This scene ends with Farrah's just-fucked pussy spread and dripping and Farrah licking the man cum off her fingers. Very hot for a first-timer. Very hot for an any-timer! "You got some in your ass, too," her partner helpfully points out. "Get it!" So she does, dipping her finger into her asshole to clean out the cum. Will that ass get fucked one day at You know it! Farrah told us, "So many people I know have said they think I'd be a natural at porn." When a woman eats a creampie out of her pussy and ass, you know that's absolutely, 100% spot-on.

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 Farrah Rose

Farrah Rose Talks The Talk And Sucks The Suck

If the little body (110 pounds, 34D-24-34) and the platinum blonde hair don't get you, the voice will. Farrah Rose, a 46-year-old divorcee from California, has a baby-doll voice that was just made for phone sex and porn. You could probably get off just by listening to her recite the dictionary, although in this case, the words she'd be reciting would be "tits," "cock," "pussy" and "cum." "So many people I know have said they think I'd be a natural at porn," Farrah Rose said. "They wouldn't be surprised to see me here." When this scene opens, Farrah Rose's big, fake tits are pouring out of her tight top and she's teasing her man, although not for long. Soon, her tits come out and so does her pussy. Then she's tugging and sucking in her first boy-girl scene. "I'm very much into giving and receiving oral," Farrah Rose said. "I like to see how excited a man gets." Farrah Rose is a mom. She used to be a dancer. She stays in shape by doing aerobic dancing, bicycling and Yoga. Her hobbies are sailing, cooking and giving massages. Yes, those types of massages. We hope she's keeping up a steady stream of fuck talk while giving them. Or maybe just reading the day's mail. Either way, it'll work.

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 Farrah Rose

Ass-Fucked In The Waiting Room

Farrah Rose, a 46-year-old divorcee with big tits, big lips and platinum-blonde hair, is sitting in a waiting room, wearing a low-cut, yellow top, a short skirt and high heels. She's reading a magazine when she notices the young guy sitting near her. "Have you been checking me out?" she asks. "Yeah," he says, embarrassed. "You caught me." Rule No. 1: It's best to check out a woman who wants to be checked out. Farrah starts rubbing his thigh and package area. Rule No. 2: If a woman does that to you, it means she wants your cock. But first, he's going to have her tits. Then he's going to eat out her ass and pussy. And then she gets his cock. In her mouth, in her pussy and in her asshole. In the waiting room. Funny, but neither of them ever get called.

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 Farrah Rose

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