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Mom, Divorcee, Cum-Catcher

Today, we have a first-timer who likes to play with cum. The stud shoots his load on her face and in her mouth, and after he does so, she plays with it. She makes cum bubbles and spoons spunk off her face and into her mouth and drools the mixture of cum and saliva. Her name is Jamie Foy, and she's 41 years old, and this is the kind of thing she likes to do in her private life. And now she's doing it for your viewing pleasure. Which is amazing considering that Jamie is the mother of a teenage daughter and lives in a small town in Indiana where people would be shocked by the kind of thing she's doing here, but the thing is, Jamie's divorced. And horny. And kinky. So, when this scene opens, Jamie is wearing barely-there lingerie and stockings. She wants to put on a show for her guy (a guy she met about 10 minutes earlier). She can't keep her hands off her tits. He can't keep his hands off her ass. She models her ass for him, but that's just the prelude. "I want your cock," Jamie says. "I want to suck your cock." She gets on all fours, and he pumps her mouth with his hard dick while her tits sway. Jamie has a wet mouth. Then they fuck a little, then the guy eats her shaved pussy, and Jamie's eyes roll to the back of her head, she's so overcome with...cumming? And then the guy pumps her cunt some more, and by the time he's ready to cum, Jamie wants every drop on her face. Which brings us back to where we started. Here's a little more info about Jamie: She's 5'2" and weighs 128 pounds. Her favorite TV show is House and her favorite movie is The Notebook. She works in home health care. Before that, she worked in retail sales management, marketing and accounting. She likes going to swingers clubs and parties. And she enjoys being naked. "But most of all," Jamie said, "I enjoy being fucked."

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 Jamie Foy

Work that boss's ass!

Jamie is a hard-driving, bitchy boss, and she's making a lot of demands. This poor guy... he has a lot of work to do and not much time to do it, but he's distracted by Jamie. You see, she's sitting in the office in a very unprofessional manner. Her legs are crossed, and this poor shlub can see the top of her stockings and her thighs, and Jamie's talking about work, and all he wants her to do is work his cock. "Are you paying attention to me?" Jamie asks. "Have you written down anything that I said?" She takes his notepad to see what he's been writing, and she's shocked. "Wow, 'I wanna pound that ass?' That's what you wrote?" Jamie says, aghast. "'Do you deep throat? I want your ass?' That's what you've been taking notes about the whole time?" Now emboldened, the guy says, "I also wrote, 'I want you to suck my cock right now.'" This kind of stuff can get a guy fired...if his boss is somebody other than Jamie. "You know what I think?" Jamie tells him. "I think you're a very dirty boy. I like dirty boys." So much for that work that needs to be done. Before long, Jamie's deep-throating his cock and sitting on top of it, and then he's pounding her ass, just like he wanted. See? It pays to take notes.

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 Jamie Foy

Small-town MILF, big-time load

One of the things that's special about the women of is not just that they're veering from the norm and having sex on-camera with strangers, something the average 40something, 50something and 60something doesn't do. It's that they're veering so far from the norm and getting so raunchy, so dirty, and that they're having such a good time doing it. Case in point: Jamie Foy, a 41-year-old divorcee from Indiana. Jamie has a teenage daughter back home in Indiana. She works in home health care. And what's she doing here? Showing off her pussy and ass. Licking and jacking cock while looking right into the camera. Stuffing her mouth with dick like she's a porn star. Opening her mouth for a load of cum and enjoying the load. Like she's a porn star. But she's not a porn star. Like we said, she's a mom. Where she lives, women don't do what she's doing here. At least not on-camera. "I live in a very small town that is very sexually closed-minded," Jamie said. "Sex and anything sexual is taboo." So, if the people back home found out about this? "They'd freak out!" Jamie said. "I mean, there are people who would never even look at me again. But I think some people, especially the men in town, would enjoy it. Of course, they'd never admit to it." So, Jamie is here at Sucking and jacking cock. Opening her mouth for a guy's load. And it's her little secret. And she's sharing it with you. Show your appreciation.

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 Jamie Foy

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