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Young handsome stud Bruno Dickemz with

Young handsome stud Bruno Dickemz with huge fat cock gets seduced by lusty brunette milf Persia Monir with massive tits and pleasures her to orgasmic experience in living room.

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 Persia Monir | Bruno Dickemz


Persia Monir - My Friends Hot Mom

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 Persia Monir

Persia Takes The Anal Plunge: The Video

Persia Monir is dressed for suck-cess when this video opens. She's wearing a sexy, sheer, yellow mini dress over a peach bra, and she tells us, "It's going to be the hottest scene because I have the hottest ass." Her hot ass is in peach panties that are crawling up her crack. "My little virgin butthole," she says. "Are you guys ready for this? You got your cock in your hand? I'm so excited to do this." Persia gets the lucky guy's cock ready for action by sucking it deep. The guy gets her ass ready by lubricating it with his tongue. "I'm so glad you're going to be the one to fuck my ass first," she says. "You think I'm gonna like it? Put a finger in it. Let me get used to it." He plunges a finger deep in her asshole, then lets her taste her ass juices. By the time he finally sticks his cock in her ass, Persia's practically begging for it, and she enjoys every thrust. But don't take our word for it. Watch the video. It's what you've been waiting for.

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 Persia Monir

Persia Rides The Pole

In this video, Persia Monir plays a woman who's auditioning for a job as a stripper. She should be able to get the job on looks alone, but the guy obviously wants to fuck her, and he does. Watch Persia dance. Watch her suck cock. Watch her pussy get drilled by a giant dick onstage. There's some very hot stuff in this video, and here's why: It's not fiction. There's a lot of truth in this video. Truth No. 1: Persia really is a stripper. Truth No. 2: Persia really does love to fuck. "I'm just as horny now as I was when I was younger," she said. "I think my orgasms are bigger now, and as an older woman, I'm not afraid to say what I want. I don't suffer in bed, I'll tell you that. I have a good time!" Persia hopes you have a good time watching her having a good time. This is a great video, and Persia is a great fuck toy. And that's the truth!

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 Persia Monir

Persia's hairy pussy creampie...what a fucking mess!

In one of the hottest--if not THE hottest--hairy pussy XXX scenes we've ever seen, 54-year-old Persia Monir gets her ultra-hairy cunt deep-dicked by big-dicked black stud Lucas Stone. He really lays the wood on her, and Persia enjoys every inch of every stroke, moaning and cumming and begging for more. The result is an extremely messy creampie that sticks to Persia's pussy hairs."I was in the shower for about a half hour after Lucas fucked me trying to get the cum out of my pussy," Persia said. "But it was worth it! I'm not even sure I got it all out. I might be walking around with Lucas's cum in my pussy right now!" Hey, that's what happens when a woman has a hairy bush. Clean-shaved, the cum rinses right out. But with hair down there...well, we're glad Persia thought it was worth it because we definitely do. Will Persia ever shave her pussy again? "I'm not planning to," she said. "My man loves all that hair." We're sure he loves Persia's beautiful face, curvy body and big tits, too. But that hairy pussy...that's special!

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 Persia Monir


Persia Monir 2

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 Persia | Persia Monir

Persia Monir and Beverly Hills are gonna share a hot stud and get

Persia Monir and Beverly Hills are gonna share a hot stud and get all nasty on him in this smoking hot scene! Check em out!

 Beverly Hills | Persia Monir


Persia Monir 3

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 Persia | Persia Monir

The doctor has big tits, a hairy pussy and a dick-sucking mouth

Now this is our idea of a thorough physical exam. Dr. Monir, cleavage busting out of her top, is making sure every inch of her patient is in tip-top condition, and we do mean every inch. He seems to be in perfect condition, but there's one more thing Dr. Monir has to check: his package. His cock and balls. "Yes, you're very healthy," Dr. Monir says admiringly. Before the patient knows it, 54-year-old Persia has his cock out of his pants, and she's showing off her super-hairy pussy and sucking his cock and jacking it, and how does this examination end? With the apparently healthy patient shooting his load in Dr. Monir's mouth. Now, about Persia's pussy...there's a serious overflow of hair going on down there. "Guys love it," Persia said. "My men would be very upset if I got rid of my pussy hair. I used to shave it all the way, but not any more. As a woman, I want to maintain my pussy in such a way that a guy wants to spend as much time as possible down there. Wouldn't you want me to spend as much time as possible on your cock?" Persia is divorced and lives in South Florida. She can be seen at doing a lot of fucking (including a great scene in which she's a stripper who fucks a customer). As bodies go, she can match up with any woman of any age. As big tits go, she's practically a SCORE Girl. Basically, 50somethings don't come any better than Persia.

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 Persia Monir

Put It In The Hole!

40SomethingMag: Did you ever play golf professionally? Persia: I never played on the LPGA tour. I played in some futures events, but I played a high level of amateur golf. I've won the Trans National, and I played in the Western. I never went to LPGA qualifying school, but I played in the U.S. Amateur qualifier. I feel I'm good enough to be a pro. I'm a five-handicap. 40Something: Have you ever thought about teaching golf? Persia: Yeah. I give topless golf tips! And I'm making a nude golf video. I'm combining my two passions, golf and sex. I think it'll make a gazillion dollars and it's something nobody else can really do. Because even if they wanted to, here's the problem: If someone on the tour, like Cristie Kerr, really wanted to do that, take her top off, it would destroy her career. It's such a conservative game and it would just destroy someone. It's really unfair. For example, I'm going to fuck Seth on the set today. He's a Marine and he really wants to volunteer and go fly and now that he's done porn, they won't allow him to be a Marine. It's just so hypocritical! This is the scene Persia was looking forward to. Yeah, it's probably not right that Seth can't fulfill his career ambitions. But at least he's getting his cock sucked by a great woman!

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 Persia Monir

Juicy fat booty girls

Mrs. Persia Monir didn't expect to see her son's friend, Chris, at the house but he was there looking for his phone. When Persia goes to get it for him, she discovers his plot to get to know her little better. Now Chris is going for a long distance shot with his friend's mom and she's all set to take his call and his balls!!!

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 Persia Monir

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