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Walking in on sexy Latinas making out, is the best thing to come home to. Becca Diamond & Vanessa Luna are 2 of the baddest in the porn world.

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Vanessa Luna has one of the best asses you will ever see in your existence! I mean the ass is perfectly round and juicy

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Vanessa Gets Her Fill

"You wanna see this ass?" Vanessa asks as she rocks her badonkadonk back and forth in her tight jeans. "I'm gonna shake this ass like a bitch." Vanessa knows just the way we like it, but when you're a thick Latina like her, you can do just about anything with your ass and we'll appreciate it. Our boy Jason Brown thinks the same way. As soon as he walks into the room he starts workin' on Vanessa's tanned can. "What are you waiting for?" she asks. "Come and get it." Jason starts by spanking and biting Vanessa's ass before working his way to her pussy. He pulls her thong to the side and starts devouring her pussy. "Oh yeah, let me lick that clit," he says in between breaths. Vanessa isn't the type of chick that likes to feel left out. She wants some of Jason's fat, black cock in her mouth, so she hops on top of him into a 69 and bounces her ass and pussy on his face while she sucks him off. This is only the appetizer for both of them, though. The main course comes when Jason stuff his fat cock inside of her. He hits it from the side and doggy style before Vanessa hops on top. "Oh yeah, get that dick," Jason says as she rides his cock. "Get that motherfucker, it's yours." When they're finally done, Jason drops a hot load all over her ass. "See you next time," Vanessa says gleefully with her ass covered in cum. She has reason to be happy. She just got her fill.

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 Vanessa Luna

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