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The international language of fuck

Lilly, a 48-year-old brunette and first-timer at, is drinking wine with her guy. They don't say much. Fuck, they're Czech. We wouldn't understand them anyway. The guy slides a hand up Lilly's leg. She spreads. We understand that language! We also understand when she swallows his dick down to the balls. This is known as the International Language of Cock Sucking. We don't speak it, but we understand it. He fucks her mouth hard. She takes every inch. That's called taking the cock like a pro. He shoves his dick back into her mouth and fucks her cheek. She takes a break by licking and sucking his balls, then he decides to fuck her mouth some more. Lilly has absolutely no gag reflex. That's because she's a divorcee. She's used to sucking big cocks. The guy, by the way, is 25 years old. Lilly bends over a chair so she can get fucked from behind. While she does, her saggy tits flop back and forth. He drills her cunt even deeper. She sits on top of his cock. Then they get on the floor so they can fuck like animals do. This is very nice. But it's not elegant. Lilly told us she likes to be elegant. Not here. Then she gets on all fours and fucks doggie-style. It turns out that, just like her mouth, Lilly's pussy can take a pounding, too. It's nice watching Lilly while she's fucking. She has a mature body. It's a soft, fuckable body. She has nothing to hide. Finally, Lilly opens her mouth for her date's cum. He squirts all over her face. Some, but not all, of his cum gets in her mouth. She sticks her tongue out for more. When this scene ends, not a word has been spoken. But Lilly's actions are worth a thousand words. Or at least two: Czech slut.

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In the letter, Czech hottie Linet tells us she loves sex, toys, and everything, every

In the letter, Czech hottie Linet tells us she loves sex, toys, and everything, every which way! Now she needs to demonstrate her natural boobs and gentle shaved pussy.

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Lorenzia and the international language of fucking

Thousands of miles separate our studio in Miami, Florida from the many MILFs of Europe, but that doesn't stop us from finding a way to get them into The language barrier might stop us from communicating with Lorenzia, a 55-year-old divorcee from Prague, Czech Republic, the way we'd like to, but the international language of sex is really all we need, right? So, here's Lorenzia, a mother of two, in her first hardcore video. We've already asked her, through a translator, if she'd like to return for another scene, and she said she would. But we can't tell you much more about her because although the international language of sex needs no translation, the languages of Czech and English do. We can tell you that Lorenzia is a fan of the actress Meryl Street and she enjoys reading and the Internet. We can tell you that she likes to spend her free time walking in parks and swimming and that she likes to wear short, sexy dresses. But we can't tell you much else. "Would the people who know you be surprised to see you here?" we asked Lorenzia. She simply said, "Yes." Are you a swinger? "No." Are you a nudist? "Yes." Are you into any fetishes? "No." How often do you have sex? "Two times a week." And so on. So, what you see is what you get with Lorenzia. And that's enough for us.

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Todays casting brings us a Czech babe by the name of Sophia Moroe, and with the titties shes

Todays casting brings us a Czech babe by the name of Sophia Moroe, and with the titties shes bringing in, were going to have to give her an zipcode all of her own! Enjoy video.

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 Sophia Moroe

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A 60something Czech hottie named Regi

When this video opens, 61-year-old newcomer Regi is lying in bed wearing skimpy, sheer, red lingerie. She has blonde hair and a string of pearls around her neck. She looks horny but classy. Then her guy shows up and finishes getting dressed. "Come on, baby, let's go," he says. He doesn't mean, "Let's go fuck." He means, "Let's go out." But Regi doesn't want to go out, and he immediately gets the message. "You want to fuck more?" he says to his Czech MILF. That's exactly what Regi wants to do. And when a woman like Regi wants to fuck, you'd be a fool to turn her down. "I haven't been turned down too many times," said Regi, who has long, pliable, suckable nipples. "Never." See? Guys are pretty bright after all. "It is a lot of fun to do this," Regi said. "I know a lot of younger Czech girls are doing porn, but why not me?" Indeed, why not? "I think we are a very horny country," Regi said. "I don't know why." But does it really matter?

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Arjana Gets What She Wants.

"I have taught Italian. I worked for the city council in my town. I have done psychological counseling for prisoners. But I have never done this. I have have always wanted to!" So says Arjana, a 53-year-old wife and mother of three from the Czech Republic who's fucking on-camera for the first time. Arjana likes men who are gentle and submissive, although in this scene, she's definitely letting the guy have his way with her. She enjoys swimming. She enjoys dancing and going to restaurants. And she's writing a book about sex. "I know a lot about it!" Arjana said. We can tell. Arjana is not a swinger but she is a nudist. She finds it sexy when "the guy knows how to treat a woman nicely." She doesn't have any fetishes. She doesn't masturbate. She has sex two or three times a week and cums from her husband going down on her. "I'm very assertive," she says. "What I am doing here seems like something I would do in my real life." She means taking control of a situation and going after what she wants: the stud's cock. Welcome to, Arjana.

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A new MILF to Czech out

MILFs come from everywhere. Donna Marie is our first 50Plus MILF whose scene was shot in the Czech Republic (Prague, to be exact). She's a 54-year-old divorcee, mother and grandmother who has worked various jobs as a secretary and administrative assistant. She has never been a guitar teacher, although you'll probably figure that out in the first few seconds of this scene. As a guitar teacher, she's not very good. As a MILF who fucks, she's great. Donna Marie enjoys swimming, skiing and horseback riding. She wears panties in the cold, Czech winters and goes commando (commandette?) in the spring and summer. She told us, "I would like to have sex with another woman." She has sex at least four times a week, loves having her pussy eaten and describes herself as sexually assertive. Again, you'll see that when she pops a tit in the dude's mouth. So enjoy Donna Marie. Will you ever see her again? Maybe. Maybe not. But why worry about the future?

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 Donna Marie

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