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At the 17-minute mark of this video, Tahnee says, "I want you to take that cock and stick it in my ass and fuck me like the whore that I am." Now, Tahnee doesn't really think she's a whore. It's just that women sometimes say things when they're in the heat of passion. And Tahnee isn't a whore. A busty old slut? Yes. Absolutely. No doubt about it. She has DD-cup tits. That makes her busty. She's 47 years old. That makes her old. She loves having strange cocks in her mouth, pussy and asshole, and when she's horny, she goes for it. That makes her a slut. "I'm a shy girl, but I love getting fucked in my ass," Tahnee told us. To her stud, she says, "I'm a nasty little girl. A nasty big little girl." It's Tahnee's tits that are big. The stud's load is big, too. He shoots it into Tahnee's open mouth, and she sucks the cum off his cock-head. Very nice. We asked Tahnee for the funniest pickup line she's ever heard, and she said, "A guy once said to me, 'Hi. I'm an astronaut and my next mission is to explore Uranus." Too late, buddy. The exploring has already been done.

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 Tahnee Taylor

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Wow! how did this big flat slob pickup such a lovely MILF I mean, shes blonde, tanned, gorgeous! And hes, well, him .... Either way, she jerks that dick real good, pals.

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This guy is a pro in seduction! Now he is going to prove us this fact seducing this sex appeal milf to screw with him! Take a glance at him during pickup right now!

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Alesia's Anal Pickup

Here's Alesia pulling the oldest cougar trick in the book: picking up a contractor and getting him to her house under the guise of wanting him to do some repair work when in reality... "I need work done on myself, not the house," Alesia tells Sergio. "I want you to fuck me in every hole I have." Now, sure, times are tough, and Sergio could use the money, but he'll worry about the rent later. For now, he has been personally invited to fuck a horny, sexy MILF in her mouth, pussy and asshole, and that's not an offer that comes along every day. So, fuck work, and fuck Alesia! To refresh your memory, Alesia is 45 years old and from Pennsylvania. The first time she was at, she told us that the first time she had sex was "in a car with a guy I had been with for a month. He went anal without telling me!" Well, this time, we gave her plenty of notice, and Alesia dressed for the occasion in a sexy dress and pantyhose that the stud rips open to get at her pussy and plump ass. Now, that might sound primitive, but, hey, she's the one who picked up the guy under false pretenses, and, as you're about to see, Alesia isn't complaining about her ruined hose. She's getting everything she wants.

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 Alesia Pleasure


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Gia Marie's First Time

We're excited that Gia Marie, a 46-year-old divorcee from Texas (born in North Dakota), chose to make her worldwide boy-girl video debut at Gia looks like a shy, reserved MILF-next-door, and in many ways, she is. But we're guessing that most shy, reserved MILFs-next-door don't jack cock and tit-fuck and let a guy cum on their hairy pussies-yep, we said hairy-for all the world to see. Gia Marie is not only sexy, but she has a sense of humor, too. We asked her about her dream car and she said, "A blinged-out Ford Pinto." A Ford Pinto? They haven't made those in over 30 years. Are there even Pintos on the classic-car market? And the funniest pickup line she's ever heard? "Well, this toothless guy tried to flirt with me. I couldn't understand a word he was saying." Gia Marie's wildest sexual encounter has a touch of humor to it, too. "I was in the backseat of my car with a guy, and we were in a park, and we weren't really keeping track of time. We got locked inside the park!" More about Gia Marie: She loves shipping and music "and listening to music while shopping!" There's that sense of humor again. When she's out in public, she says she likes to show off her legs. "I wear shorts very well," she said. "I try to get high heels that compliment my figure and are easy to walk in. I like to wear clothing that shows off my curves. I like the attention I get." She's looking forward to the attention she's going to get from this scene. Let Gia Marie know how you feel about her!

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 Gia Marie

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