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Please Ms Emma Starr show me

Please, Ms. Emma Starr show me how you got pregnant with my best friend. Bill Bailey is having a nice sex with his best friends mom. Enjoy this hot sex video.

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 Emma Starr :: Bill Bailey

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69-year-old Bea fucks 25-year-old Johnny

Bea Cummins is lying in bed, looking sexy in lingerie and feeling very horny. She's rubbing her pussy and decides, "Hey, why do I have to do this all by myself? My hubby is right next to me!" Bea nudges him. "C'mon, wake up. I am so horny." Hubby doesn't even open his eyes. "Oh, no, no, no, no," he says. How many times can he fuck her in one day? The guy needs his rest. But Bea needs some cock. Meanwhile, down the hall, Johnny, Bea's son's best friend, wakes up to go to the bathroom and hears a noise coming from the marital bedroom. He goes off to investigate and...holy shit, Mrs. Cummins is playing with herself! And then she sees him and motions to him to come over. Right there? By the bed? With Mr. Cummins sleeping? You're damn right! Before Johnny knows it, he's got his rock-hard cock in Mrs. Cummins mouth, and when Mr. Cummins stirs, they head for the guest bedroom, where Mrs. Cummins can fuck her son's best friend and her son's best friend can fuck his friend's mom. And since Mrs. Cummins is 69, it's safe to creampie her pussy. Don't have to worry about getting her pregnant, not like those young girls who don't know how to fuck and are afraid of icky cum. By the way, Bea turned 69 on May 20, 2012, and she turns 70 next spring. What do you think she should get for her 70th birthday?

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MILF Mackenzie Star is persuaded to get on the bang bus. The team get all excited when they find out she is pregnant. As soon as she is given money her clothes come of and shes more than happy to take a big hard cock into her lovely soft mouth.

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Droolz Ventura's got that good credit score

Juelz Ventura is a slobberer she drools on the cock. She isnt afraid of a monster either. She tackles that dick and pounds it hard. We told her we had her favorite a Ghetto Black man by the name of Wesley Pipes. He loves himself some white meat, especially with that good credit. His plan is to run her ass to the ground, use her credit to buy 5-10 mercedez benz and get her pregnant to lock that shit down. Thats what he thinks. Check it out!!

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Today's Lesson: Fuck her ass, cum in her mouth!

Ivan needs condoms, and who better to go to than the guidance counselor, sexy MILF Jenny Mason. Unfortunately, she's out of condoms. Fortunately, she has a solution: anal sex! A girl can't get pregnant when she gets fucked in the ass or, as Jenny so nicely puts it, "You don't have to worry about getting pregnant if you take it in the rear." As Ivan is about to find out, 43-year-old Ms. Mason is one of those guidance counselors who believes in showing as well as telling. Turns out you can't get pregnant from sucking cock and balls, either. But what's most interesting about this video is that even though Ivan's cock does go from Jenny's mouth to her asshole, he ends up fucking her pussy. Uh-oh! Danger zone! Is Jenny going to have Ivan's baby? No worries. Jenny sucks off Ivan again and has him cum in her mouth. And that, of course, is another way to keep a girl from getting pregnant while still emptying your nutsac.

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Sex Positions That Can Get You Pregnant

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